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Automatic dimmer

In this category you will find automatic dimmer type ACD-04, ACD-06, ACD-02 As well as accessoriesAutomatic dimmer is suitable forElectronic simulation of sunrise and sunset and takes place in aviculture useWith the automatic dimmer on sunrise and sunset is modeled byone or more light bulbs.

Why should you use an automatic dimmer?
First, automatic dimmers automatically simulate sunrise and sunset, ensuring your birds feel as if they were in their original place of origin.
Second, automatic dimmers can regulate the duration of the lighting more precisely, which is especially important on winter days. The integrated timer thus permanently imitates a twenty-four hour day with 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness.
Third: The dimming times can be set to the minute, even a moonlight effect is possible.

Automatic dimmer

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